1. Membership Renewal Notices
    Due Annually: March 1
    Membership renewal notices are e-mailed at the beginning of February, due March 1. $100 late fee will be applied automatically. Membership dues can be made by logging into the eSoft Planner, selecting your designated membership status, and choosing to pay online or by check. Convenience fees do apply for on-line payments, up to $14 per transaction. Click eSoft Help for additional information.
  2. Resigning Members
    September - March
    Resigning Members should print the 2019 Google Doc Resignation Form and return the completed form and associated bond by March 1, 2019.
  3. Joining the Waitlist
    View/print the Application for Membership for detailed instructions. Please note: applications are accepted by mail only. We do not accept any applications at the club. Your cancelled check serves as receipt that you have been added to the wait list. Updated Wait List to be posted soon.
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eSoft Help
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eSoft Planner Updates​​

  1. Family Photo
    Member photos are required for club entry. If you haven't updated your photo recently, stop in at the front desk together and we'll get one! You can also email us one!
  2. Emails
    To get the most out of your membership, keep your eSoft Planner member profile updated. You can customize the announcements you receive.
  3. Emergencies
    Don't forget to include emergency contact information, especially if you have children enjoying the club without you.

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