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home of the penguins

We are proud of our record holding
​swim team, League Champions¬†


But that's not all we're about, NSC has something for the whole family! Stop by at 6 am on a weekday morning to swim laps, bring the family on select Wednesday evenings for dinner and a float at Coney Float Nights or hang out with your friends at Teen Night parties. 
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  1. Regular Season Hours
    Weekend Hours: 11AM-10PM Weekday Hours: Noon-10PM
  2. Lap/Fitness Swim
    6 Lanes * Mon & Wed - Fri: 6-7:15AM Single Lane Mon-Fri: 8-10PM & Sat & Sun: 11AM-2PM (*Monday, June 17 until Friday, August 23)
  1. Water Aerobics
    Tues & Thurs: 8:30AM - 9:30 AM Start/End Date: June 18 - August 8 (no class July 2 & 4) 12 sessions: $40 6 sessions: $20 Per session: $5
  2. 2019 Board Members
    PRESIDENT Alecia Boyce VICE PRESIDENT Sheila Ebel SECRETARY/COMMUNICATIONS Michelle Smith TREASURER Steffie Kluck MEMBERSHIP Krista Rowe SWIM TEAM Kathy Halberg SWIM LESSONS Jennifer Creighton BUILDING & GROUNDS Fred Seidelman, Angela Miniti & Patrick Meloche SOCIAL Christy Kondogiani & Amy Eckenroth
  3. Locating Us
    Northville Swim Club 646 W Baseline Road Northville, MI 48167 PHONE: 248-349-6670 (in season only)